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On Sunday evening, the students from Karolinska Gymnasiet, Örebro, arrived and welcomed by their host families. But we were not yet done traveling!

On Monday morning, we left Erlangen and went to visit castle Schney. There, we participated in the POL&IS roleplay, in which the Swedish and German students took on the roles of nations and international organizations such as the UN. This simulation was conducted in English to help us bond with each other.
We learned a lot about politics and current global affairs. Although it was just a simulation, it felt quite real to us. During these three days, we immersed ourselves completely in the gme and connected with our Swedish partners. We worked hard from morning till evening to complete our diverse tasks in the hope of making our world a better place. Everyone was sad to leave the beautiful location of the castle, but the political fun had to come to an end at some point.

On Wednesday, we returned to Erlangen, no longer burdened by the problems and issues of international politics. Back at the CEG, our exchange partners got to see our school, the city of Erlangen and beautiful Nuremberg. We had lots of fun with our Swedish friends individually and in small groups and made plans for activities with friends in the evening.
Friday, we had to take our exchange students to the train station to say goodbye – or, in Swedish: “hej då!”

Bill (10a) and Jasmin (10c)

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