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Thanks to the Erasmus+ program, I have the opportunity to spend two months in Norway and get to know the school, culture and nature here. I have been here in Molde for five weeks now and have experienced a lot already thanks to my host family, which does a lot of activities with me. I have also made lots of new friends by now!

Molde is a small city located at a Fjord, which is about four hours away from Trondheim. It has a beautiful panoramic view with snowy mountains, and it is only about one hour from the Atlantic coast.
Even though I have already been here for a couple of weeks, I amazed by the beautiful scenery every day.

At the beginning of my stay, we made a trip to the famous Atlantic Street, which consists of eight bridges that connect small islands along the cost of Norway. That was really impressive and perfect for taking cool photos.
Even though the weather in Molde is changing a lot, there has been enough snow for skiing. My host family likes to go on cross country ski trips and to sit by a small fire with marshmallows and hot chocolate afterwards. Even though I have never been skiing before, it was easy enough to learn, so we could soon go on longer trips with more hills together.
Last week the Norwegian students had “Vinterferie”, during which we went on a couple of trips. One day we took the ferry over the Fjord and drove to Ålesund to visit its Aquarium. Ålesund is famous for its beautiful architecture and location on the Atlantic coast. We visited a panorama point from which you could see many islands and fjords.

School life and the school system are very different from Germany! One example is that the Norwegian students decide in 10th grade on what kind of school they want to go. Before that, they all go to the same type of school.
It was especially confusing for me that you call the teachers with their first name, not their family name. I go in the 10th grade of Bergmo Ungdomsskole. My school day starts at half past nine and has three different lessons, which each last one and a half hours. After every lesson there is a break for half an hour. School ends at 2 p.m. every day, even for the 10th grade. There are fewer subjects than at home. Chemistry, Physics and Geography, for example, are all taught in one subject which is called “Naturfag”. We also have “Kunst og Håndwerk”, in which the students learn to sew, crochet, work with wood and develop other crafting abilities.

When I am writing this, I have only four weeks left in Norway, and I am sure that I will experience even more during this time. Norwegian culture is very open-minded, and it is easy to get to know and talk to strangers. So, every time we meet people, we end up singing and playing board games together.
I have never felt homesick since I arrived here, because I love being in Norway and because of the possibility to call my friends and family in Germany whenever I want. On the contrary! I am sad to think of having to leave my Norwegian life soon. A part of me will stay here and I am sure that this will not be my last visit to this beautiful country and the friends that I have made here.

Jael Schramm, 10c

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