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Erasmus+ Team to Sweden for Job Shadowing

Having gotten into contact with teachers from the lovely city of Örebro, Sweden on an Erasmus+ teacher training in Dublin one year ago, it was time for us to pay our friends a visit.

The focus of our one-week stay in Örebro was to get to know the Swedish school system, the Karolinska Gymnasiet school, and how the teachers and students work together. The way students were given a lot of responsibility and freedom to use their assigned study time was really inspiring. We were also amazed by the quality of students‘ performance during oral tests and how authentic the whole setting was. We can definitely also profit from the best practice examples of interdisciplinary cooperation we saw and were allowed to participate in. Besides the motivation and inspiration we took home from our stay, we were also able to secure the cooperation of the Karolinska Gymnasiet Örebro for collaborative a project between our students focussing on global citizenship and education for democratic participation, which we will start later this year.

We have also had the opportunity of getting to know the beautiful city of Örebro. It is a city about 200km west of Stockholm and very much like Erlangen. It has about the same number of inhabitants and schools, and also feels a little bit like our hometown. The Swedish people are absolutely open-minded and we felt welcome wherever we went. We also have to concede that the cliché of Scandinavians generally being very fluent in English proved to be true.

On our way back to Germany we made a little stop in Stockholm to take in the skyline and visit some museums and other cultural sights. We have to admit that we have fallen in love with Sweden head over heels and are really looking forward to working together with our partners from Örebro!

The Erasmus+ Team of the CEG

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